Every domain name displayed on namepage.com is exclusive to namepage; and our only choice of payment is through escrow.com. You will not be able to purchase or own a namepage domain name through any other website, payment gateway or escrow service. 

This is of course not to limit your payment options as a buyer or make your life harder. As you will discover our choice of Escrow.com exclusivity (specifically since we're talking Domain Name transactions) is for your own advantage before ours.

When you click the  button you are directed to an ESCROW.COM transaction page that looks like the image below (click on image for a clear view).

If you do not have an escrow.com account already do not worry; you will be prompted by escrow.com to sign up for one (it only takes few moments).


Why Escrow.com?


We choose escrow.com for your own safety and convenience, because when it comes to domain name transactions simply no other service compares. Escrow.com is one of the safest and fastest domain name escrow services in the world. Escrow.com also supports most common payment methods like PayPal, Credit Card (i.e. Visa, Mastercard etc..), wire transfer etc..

Escrow.com will escort you through a few-step process that ensures you receive your purchased domain name in your account under your full control even before we receive our funds as sellers.

After you submit your funds to escrow.com, we are immediately notified; and will then directly proceed in the domain ownership transfer making sure you receive the domain name you purchased in your account and under your full control in no time. 

If you are totally new to escrow.com please continue reading to get a better understanding of why we trust only Escrow.com for domain name transactions. 


Buy and sell domains and websites with the protection of the Escrow.com shield


Ensuring Buyers get the domain or website and Sellers get paid. Whether you're buying or selling websites or domain names online, Escrow.com will protect you against fraud, deception, and irresponsibility.

Escrow.com is a government licensed and audited third party that safely holds a Buyer's payment in a trust account until the entire transaction is complete. That way, Buyers can be confident the domain will be registered in their name and Sellers can be sure they'll be paid.


The benefits of Domain and Website Escrow


Since the Buyer pays Escrow.com and not the Seller, Escrow.com can withhold payment until its satisfied the domain name has been transferred by the Seller. One of the ways Escrow.com does this is by checking the WHOIS database of the appropriate Registrar to make certain it properly reflects the new Buyer's name as the domain name Registrant. Once this has been verified, Escrow.com releases payment to the Seller.


Buyer benefits


  • Peace of mind, security, and convenience

  • Assured domain name transfer prior to paying Seller

  • Ability to confirm domain ownership directly with the registrar before the Seller is paid

  • Ability to pay by wire transfer and in some cases PayPal, check, money order, or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) Restrictions Apply

  • Ability to send credit card information to a financial institution, not a stranger

  • Easy access to live customer support by phone or email